I am a Pragmatic Software Developer
Living in Sydney Australia

I specialize in building applications
using web technologies like React, AngularJS, Node and ASP.NET Core.

I Have a Proven Track Record of
Delivering High Quality Software

With experience working in various sectors including Government, Finance, Security, Human Resorces and Media.

I practice Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design and Agile Methodologies.

I am a Technology Generalist

I use the right tool for the job no matter what the language or framework.

I have expert knowledge of JavaScript, C#, F# and their associated frameworks and ecosystems.

I have strong working knowledge of OCaml, ObjectiveC, C++, Swift and Java.

I am learning Haskell, Scala and Go.

My most recent projects use React and Redux with ECMAScript 2015 / Typescript for front-end development. Node or ASP.NET Core 1.0 for back-end.

I have experience with Postgres, SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB and RethinkDB.

I have a strong interest in Functional Programming and related concepts; I enjoy constantly learning, building and experimenting.

I am OS agnostic and have Mac, Linux and Windows machines at my disposal.

I have Mobile Development Experience

I currently use Xamarin with F# to build cross-platform native mobile applications.

I have built iOS applications and SDKs using ObjectiveC and Swift.

Previous Projects

  • Covata SafeShare

    I was the sole front-end developer responsible for delivering Covata's flagship product Safe Share.
    Safe Share is a sophisticated, secure file sharing application written in AngularJS and JavaScript.

    I implemented smart end-to-end encryption technology that was patented in Australia with patent pending in the US.

  • 9Now

    I was responsible for the design and implementation of RESTful APIs, single page web applications and Mi9 video solutions such as online video delivery, publishing, ad serving and live streaming.

    Applications developed are the vital backend to public sites such as 9now and 9Jumpin.

  • Hutchison Ports Appointment System

    I was responsible for the design and development of a container and truck tracking system as part of a small team.

  • Wrapt

    I developed a 'social gifting' mobile application called Wrapt which was available in the App Store 2013/2014.

I am available for project work

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